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1998 Subaru Legacy L RHD EJ22, auto
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I know I don't come here often but I have sure been thankful for all the knowlegde I have gained from this website. It is time to part with my favorite mail delivery vehicle.

There is a differential whine coming from the front differential. Somebody ran the case low. :rolleyes: I drained all the fluid and replaced the differential seals and orings. The magnet had NO metal flakes whatsoever on it. The ring gear looked good from the drain hole. The carrier bearings were smooth and rolled easily. My guess is the pinion bearings.

I am selling my 1998 Legacy RHD wagon. This car has 219000 miles and runs and drives good. There is a howl coming from the front differential. Everything works on the car except the power antenna. It has rust and dent associated with any car that has been in the saltbelt and delivering mail this long. I bought the car at 208K from the original owner. The car has cold a/c, hot heat, working cruise, power windows and door locks. I have replaced many parts since purchasing it at 208K. This car can be driven but I cannot guarantee how long. I will not ship this so you must come to my residence with cash in hand.
Replaced parts:

At 210K miles:

Timing belt
Crank and cam seals
Valve cover gaskets
Spark plugs
Reman alternator
fuel pump
cruise control stalk
used rear wiper motor

At 215K miles

front and rear struts and springs (outback parts approx 2" lift)
outback wheels and tires

At 219K miles (these parts have less than 10 miles on them)

Both front half shafts (new not reman)
Inner and outer tie rods
one ball joint
4 wheel alignment
outback front calipers and rotors (dual piston and bigger)

Clicking on the pictures will take you to a few more. I can be reached at 815-541-5594, called or text. I work third shift also so I am near my phone all the time except from 4PM to 10PM I sleep. I have it listed on fleabay and craigslist for $1700 I will take $1400 from a memeber on here.

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