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I doubt that the fan not running is the problem - they normally are not on when enough air is being pushed through the radiator. My '96 legacy fans don't run at all, and the only time I have a problem with heat is if i sit still too long on warm/hot days, and simply turning on the heater takes care of that right away.

If the car has AC, I would partially remove the water radiator to see what amount of junk has gotten trapped between the AC condenser and the radiator - my 01 OB was 1/3rd blocked.

You might also remove the radiator and have it flushed - it is old enough that it could be partially clogged inside.

Others here can give you better details, but you may also need to clean the engine grounding cable mounting points to make sure the engine is grounded correctly to prevent electrolosys ( there is a mention of it in one of the threads a couple months ago).

Also, don't run pure anti-freeze - run the recommended water/antifreeze mix to get the specific heat ( how many BTU's of heat it takes to raise the coolant 1 degree) up to where it needs to be.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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