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2013 Subaru Outback Premium 2.5i All-Weather+Moonroof Venetian Red Pearl W/ Ivory Coth
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In addition to our 2013 2.5i Outback I primarily drive a 150K+ Mile Nissan Altima. It currently needs the following to remain on the road: Exhaust system, front brakes, half shafts (drive shafts from tranny to wheels), windshield. I have been toying with an idea to buy another car with similar mileage but something that has good brakes, drivetrain and exhaust. I only drive back and forth to work 3-4 miles and then the car sits on the weekends and I get to drive the Outback so I really cannot justify a new car (although I would love a new XV Crosstrek). I saw a 1999 Subaru Forester with automatic transmission and 144K miles for well under $5,000.00. One thing that caught my eye was that it has a brand new timing belt. If I find that this car has good brakes, tranny and body how long could I expect this vehicle to go on simply oil changes, etc?
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