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Guys, my wagon has bit the dust with a spun rod bearing apparently. This is the 4 cam model, 2.5 L automatic.
The body is excellent - no rust - but the hood does seem to suffer some flaking which seems to be an original paint prep problem.
New Goodyear tires (less than 1,000 miles) and new brakes. Perfect black leather interior.
All Subaru options except for the security system, and both sunroofs, AC, Cruise, Radio, tape and CD all work.
Replaced cam timing belt in Early November with all pulleys and tensioner.
Did not change water pump but it is included.
Replaced the accessory belts at the same time.
Resealed the cam covers, Installed the correct spark plugs at the same time.
Replaced the air filter and oil and filter also in mid-October - about 3,000 miles ago.
Excellent battery. Nearly un-used black rubber cover for the cargo floor and retractable cover for the cargo area.
Full size good spare. Transmission is ok; 4WD all ok.
Pennsylvania State inspected until end of March 2021 (!). Motor died 10 days after the inspection.
True mileage unknown. The inspection sticker which was removed last week (expiring end of March 2020) showed 153,000 but the speedo and odo were not working.
I bought another speedo unit and did the wire soldering jumper fix and it has worked for more than 3,000 miles. Best reasonable guess, 160,000 total.
About 65,000 miles showing on the (now working) odometer,
I would be interested in selling this for $1500 or buying a good used exact replacement engine.

Please contact me for more info or for motor offers. The car is at the garage right now, but I will get pictures soon.
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