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1999 Outback with 310,000 miles. Pass or buy?

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Talked the guy down to $500, he says it runs well, it just has a lot of miles. Water pump, timing belt and front suspension replaced recently. Its a manual, doesn't look like it has rust. Should I be scared to buy an outback with that many miles on it?
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got a link? post it up.

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Overall, for $500 it only has to run for 5K miles and you have your money back. So there is only a little risk. If it was an auto, I would say OK for sure. This assumes that the car is running fine. The clutch will fail on a manual subaru, but likely this one has already been replaced.

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personal choice.

why are they selling? there's usually a precipitating reason...find out what it is. if it's clutch related or engine related try to find out.

how good are you at assessing a vehicle?
if you get rosey colored goggles over cheap cars then your discretion might be skewed.

tons of miles but the comment above about it only needing to last a little while to be worth it holds.

if it's been well maintained 310,000 isn't necessarily scary. although i don't really like buying a manual trans with that many miles the chances of throw out bearing, input shaft bearing, clutch, pressure plate, synchro issues, torque bind aren't negligible.
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