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2010, 2.5, CVT
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Well, I actually got it for the wife. I used to hate anyone that drove an Outback, mainly due to the 2 mph turns and a head that would swivel aimlessly leading the car along with it. Perhaps an unfounded stereotype, I admit, although it seems to have a strong presence in the Boulder area. But, I digress...

2010, 2.5, CVT, and the kicker, only 9800 miles. I've never had a car with less then 98K on the clock, so this is sweet! And, I have to admit, the car is freakin sweet too! The thing is as big as my extended cab Tacoma, but drives like sedan. VDC tested on some dirt roads, and that was simply awesome. The one year old seems happy in the car, and my wife loves it. Looks like I've stopped hating people who drive Outbacks...

Anyway, the wife and I are very happy.
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