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1999 Outback Wagon Green 2.2 swap
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It is pretty rare but if yours is a phase 2 it is more likely than the phase 1. Phase 2 I believe were 99 up. They look just like the single cam 2.5 where the spark plugs go through the valve cover. They can end up having the same external issues as the 2.5 since they used similar gaskets from the factory. They are still not as common as the 2.5 as far as I have heard. If yours is a phase 1 you should be able to go well over 200k before anything pops up if it ever does.
I am in no way an authority on this, just relaying what I have seen and heard.
Are you having a problem with one or just looking at one?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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