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2.5 N/A to Turbo

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I am in the planning stages of adding a turbo to my 2004 Outback 2.5 5mt. Part of my reason for doing this to my existing car is (1) cheaper insurance (2) I like the "sleeper" status of no one knowing my car has a turbo. I was thinking of going with the factory setup off of an 04 Baja Turbo or Forester XT.

Has anyone done this yet? I really don't want to do a complete motor swap, as my car only has 42k on it. OR is there a supercharger available for these cars?

Anyone have suggestions (besides trading it in for a newer OBXT)?
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Thanks rockhopjohn for the boost. I did a search here before I started this thread, and all I saw were threads saying how you couldn't do it. Of course no one really stated why (other than its hard). The cars are essentially the same. The hardest part will be getting the parts from a wrecked baja (why can't more people crash these things. lol :21: ). I have already ordered the factory service manual for the 2004 Baja Turbo. I will probably make a trip up to davesport ( before I get to far. He's done some crazy stuff too. (AWD turbo beetle rally car)

I don't feel like its beyond my abilities at all. I have done some odd engine swaps and mods. Of course its always easier if someone else paves the way by being first. :p

Anyway if anyone knows anyone that has done this let me know. :18:
Boxxeracer when it comes time to do the work I can always use a hand, even if its just someone to laugh at me when I drop a bolt down in to some impossible to reach crevice in the engine.

My plan is to locate a parts car between now and Dec. I will plan the addition for end of February (hopefully the stage car will be done by then). I am going to add a stud kit for the heads and intake, put in new copper custom made headgaskets (for strength and the added thickness will lower compression a point or two, and have larger valves added to the heads. This will give me time to port match the intake. My goal is a conservative 235-250hp which I think is reasonable with a lightweight crank pulley, flywheel, bigger exhaust valves, and slightly bigger injectors. That plus a nice exhaust should put me there reasonably. I also intend to add a valve to the coolant line that goes to the throttle body. I still want it for cold days, but the rest of the time I want to bypass it.
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