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I thought the same thing about the key fobs.. But there were no other keys nearby. No USB's, No Chargers, No mobile phones, No garage door transmitters

Yesterday, I used the button sequence to show codes on the dash. Of course, there were no codes but was curious what behavior i'd see. The dash showed 2 --'s again. I shut off the ignition and started it again, this time the Navigation took me through the initial setup wizard right when the car started. Seems as thought that sequence did some sort of reset.

When I had the problem a week ago, I did the same sequence and the car started immediately.

This may very well be the quick fix. I'll still have ours towed if it happens again but would be curious to see if it works..
Just perform this sequence within 10 seconds:

1. Turn key to ON position (just before START)
2. Turn headlights ON
3. Press Trip button 4 times
4. Turn headlights OFF
5. Press Trip button 4 times
6. Turn headlights ON
7. Press Trip button 4 times
8. Turn headlights OFF (optional)

Codes will display in the trip meter. You might have to press the Trip button to cycle between engine, transmission, and braking computers.
Okay, I'm missing something because I thought you said you had keyless start?
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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