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I experienced a similar problem (car won't start) on my '13 Outback w/ SAP. It was not until i tried a few times when I noticed the "key not found" (can't recall the exact wording) error message on the center gauge cluster, which finally clicked in my head.

I happened to have been carrying, at that time, a similar keyless start fob for my '11 Prius and suspected that the car was getting confused. Sure enough, I took the Prius key fob and put it inside the house and made sure no other key fobs were in my pocket, and the car started right up. I tested the same on my Prius and it got confused as well.

The keyless start systems do seem to get confused when there are two or more conflicting key fobs. I had originally switched the key fobs whenever I switched cars, got tired of switching and put both key fobs in the same keychain. Now I'm back o switching them.

Might be a long shot.
This is mentione in the owners manual. Not to have other keys on the key chain as it can cause issues with starting. Basically what was said in the quote the car gets mixed signals and wont allow the car to start. Do you have other keys on your key chain? I seem to remember the manual saying any keys even non fob can cause problems.

Also just remember that when you take a car to the dealer that isn't broke at that moment they can't do much but check for codes or the history. No codes means not broke. I can understand getting frustrated with them if they didn't hook up the code reader and all that would be BS, otherwise they can only do so much when it isn't throwing a code or is actually presenting the problem to them. I'm a aircraft mechanic and we deal with the same stuff we like to call them gremlins lol. Do like the others said and have it towed for free while its broke. Make a video to prove what your saying.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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