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2000 ej25 rebuild in progress

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Bought a 2000 Outback with a bad motor to use to teach my 16 year-old how to rebuild an engine.

Got the motor apart today, mostly (haven't split the block yet)...found pieces of inserts in the pan. Yep...that was definitely a rod knock ;)¤t=insert2.jpg

Cylinders appear to be ok. Can still see the hone marks.

Intake valve tips all have a weird little dimple in the center..never seen this before...¤t=intake1.jpg

Exhaust valve tips looked normal...

Bought a UEL header on EBAY ($138)...fits very well...would have been nice if they had added just another 1/2" clearance around the front of the oil performance hit....DUHHHH!

Bought a Stage 1 clutch kit too...

Gotta say, been building engines since 1964...Subie engines are the weirdest combination of brilliant and stupid I think I've seen.
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looks awsome and nice posts and weight loss! just for my own clarification is that 13lbs of actual weight shed or X number of lbs/oz with rotational forces added in. also could you expound on reversion? most port work ive seen matches the gaskets right up so the reasoning for the 1/8 lip intrests me. thanks
wow thanks for the detailed yet understandable answers to my questions that was great :29:
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