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2000 ej25 rebuild in progress

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Bought a 2000 Outback with a bad motor to use to teach my 16 year-old how to rebuild an engine.

Got the motor apart today, mostly (haven't split the block yet)...found pieces of inserts in the pan. Yep...that was definitely a rod knock ;)¤t=insert2.jpg

Cylinders appear to be ok. Can still see the hone marks.

Intake valve tips all have a weird little dimple in the center..never seen this before...¤t=intake1.jpg

Exhaust valve tips looked normal...

Bought a UEL header on EBAY ($138)...fits very well...would have been nice if they had added just another 1/2" clearance around the front of the oil performance hit....DUHHHH!

Bought a Stage 1 clutch kit too...

Gotta say, been building engines since 1964...Subie engines are the weirdest combination of brilliant and stupid I think I've seen.
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"Gotta say, been building engines since 1964...Subie engines are the weirdest combination of brilliant and stupid I think I've seen."

Corvair, yes. Subie, no. Since you've been building so long, once you get it apart you will see what makes it work so well. It is a relatively easy engine to work with.
That crank looks iffy for a turn. I would go new. New crank, cam, rods. What do the piston look like? May as well go full bore at this stage.
Crank/Cams, just shop around. Make sure they are spec'd and warrantied. When you machine the block and heads, center bore the rod journals as well. They are close enough oversized bearings will be okay. If you want to replace them, get them from the same supplier as the crank and cams. Makes things easier and you may be able to work in a lower price on a bundle purchase.
Gonna be a torquey motor. Especially if you can get the intake charge temperature down to less than 20 over ambient.

Rally or XCar in it's future?
I've had similar results with Royal Purple. I have a Chevy 2.2 Saginaw in a Cavalier I built 70k ago. Still looks like new inside. I also believe the RP is what is helping to accomplish 33/45 mpg out of it.
That engine is too clean. You need more finger prints.

I am probably not the only one here to be thinking it, but I will suggest that you take and post live video of the start up.

I want to hear it running.
Looks good. A clean bay makes it easy to notice leaks. Not that you are going to have any now. Hopefully your son keeps it clean.
I'm thinking your son is not going to get much behind the wheel time. :D

You're still wearing the grin aren't you?
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