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2000 ej25 rebuild in progress

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Bought a 2000 Outback with a bad motor to use to teach my 16 year-old how to rebuild an engine.

Got the motor apart today, mostly (haven't split the block yet)...found pieces of inserts in the pan. Yep...that was definitely a rod knock ;)¤t=insert2.jpg

Cylinders appear to be ok. Can still see the hone marks.

Intake valve tips all have a weird little dimple in the center..never seen this before...¤t=intake1.jpg

Exhaust valve tips looked normal...

Bought a UEL header on EBAY ($138)...fits very well...would have been nice if they had added just another 1/2" clearance around the front of the oil performance hit....DUHHHH!

Bought a Stage 1 clutch kit too...

Gotta say, been building engines since 1964...Subie engines are the weirdest combination of brilliant and stupid I think I've seen.
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Cleaning up the engine bay....

I didn't take before shots, but trust me...the engine bay was dingy, dingy, dingy. I degreased it and power washed it, but it was still dull and dingy. I had already compounded the whole car and I was not looking forward to the idea of trying that in the engine bay.

So, on a wild hair, I soaked the whole engine bay in ArmorAll. Wow...what difference! Its been nearly 4 weeks since I did that...and it still looks nearly new.

engone-bay.jpg photo by 5322009 | Photobucket
Looks good. A clean bay makes it easy to notice leaks. Not that you are going to have any now. Hopefully your son keeps it clean.

Well, this is taking longer than I would have liked. Life kinda got in the way. Been hard to corral my teenage son. This was supposed to be a father/son project but he just doesn't seem to be that interested. And taking a week off due to some much needed hiatal hernia repair work didn't help either.

Also had a little trouble with the Delta 1500 cams and valve adjusters. Didn't have enough adjuster screw thread sticking out of the top of the rockers on the intake side. The shop that did my valve work trimmed the tips of the intake valves 0.010"...and between that and the base circle reduction due to the regrind I just didn't feel good about the number of threads engaging the lash adjuster screw threads (only 3 or 4 and buried down in the nut. Required new valves to solve the problem, and now there are 1 or 2 threads exposed on the adjuster.

Will probably have things ready to stuff back in the chassis tomorrow. Pics shortly.
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Yea...its running!

Finally got it all back together and started it on Jan 1...then immediately went down with the flu.

I've put 40 miles on it and it purrs like a kitten. The Delta cams do NOT cause any appreciable lifter noise. I have about 40 miles on the engine and I've done a second valve lash setting. Nearly all of them had tightened up about 0.001"...I guess due to the valves seating totally.

Sure seems to have nice mid-range grunt (according to the butt-dyno)....and I'm loving the mechanical throttle and 12.5 lb flywheel. No more "Nader-lag"!

Had to slightly dent one of the Ebay Borla-knock-off header pipes to insure it did not touch a metal power steering line..otherwise it fit very well.

Wrapped the headers near the oil filter and where they pass under the power steering components for good measure.

Getting 215/65R16 Yokohama Geolandar AT-S tires this weekend. Car needs shocks, but that will have to wait till next month.

Video by this weekend???
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header dent of PS clearance

had to dent the header here....

header-dent.jpg photo by 5322009 | Photobucket
I'm thinking your son is not going to get much behind the wheel time. :D

You're still wearing the grin aren't you?
800 miles on the engine...

Running well....the lifters are still noisy despite setting the valves twice now. I'm setting them to 0.006" intake and 0.008" exhaust

Clutch hydraulics are acting a little if the master cylinder isn't fully returning. Doesn't need fluid

Just this week it has decided to die at idle when it's cold...but not sending any CEL something in the throttle body idle circuit might be sticking....any suggestions as to what to look for?

Fuel mileage has only been around 21 mpg....

I have KYBs for the rear...and ceramic brake pads...maybe I'll get them in this weekend...
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