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Hello all. Looking for some advice on diagnosing my problem with a 2000 legacy outback limited manual transmission with 205k miles.
After fueling up yesterday (fuel light was about to come on) my car cranks but doesn't start. Don't think it's the starter. There is a repetitive clicking sound when key is in the on position. Tried to jump the car several times, not a battery issue. Tow guy had me try to bump start it by coasting off the ramp and dropping the clutch but no go. I'm thinking fuel pump relay or the pump itself but I'll give some more background. Used a test light to check for a short at the battery but the light didn't come on. Maybe the test light doesn't work...
Some history of recent work I've done. New spark plugs 6 months maybe 10k miles ago, car has been getting great mpg since (26-28mpg city-highway). Had the battery tested around the same time, it had great charge. I put in a new fuel pump because I've had a priming issue. Pressure would build but would quickly fall. I checked before and after the fuel filter with a pressure gauge. I replaced the pump because I had read there's a check valve in there that keeps the fuel line primed but it didn't fix anything. So the last few months I typically need to cycle the key in the ignition 2-3 times to prime the fuel line, then it would always start and always ran fine when already on. No performance issues. Went on several long trips and plenty of daily driving around town.
So the gist is I've had an existing fuel pressure issue when starting, but car won't even start now, and it for some reason was running fine then totally quit after turning it off to fuel up.
Not the most mechanically gifted person but can do intermediately difficult jobs when I actually know what the problem is. Just don't want to take it to a shop just yet and start blowing money on a vehicle with this mileage and age. Any tips are very appreciative, I'm not making too much progress with youtube.
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