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2000 manual outback

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Hey guys hoping someone has some information (hopefully with pictures too).

So yesterday I had a bit of a hard shift and I noticed a clunky sound. It sounded like the hatch wasn't latched properly. So I pulled over and reclosed it. Got it into gear and gave the gas a quick push and sure enough the clunk was still there.

I have read about the rear differential bushings and the carrier bushings. It seems that partsgeek offers an OEM replacement for the real differential mounts. But they also offer a kit with 6 bushings and I do not know where they all go tbh.

I just figured if I'm dropping the differential I should replace the carrier bushings or the ones for the bracket if you know what I mean.

I also have read about some of the inserts and may go that route but I don't necessarily have the time to wait for window weld to cure so any information would be appreciated and again pictures are a huge help.
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sounds can be hard to track down and many things could be related to this. I'd inspect the u-joints and the rear bushings on the front lower control arms too.

if shifting from F to R back and forth, with foot on the brake, makes any sounds, carefully have someone do that while you bend down and listen all around the car.
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