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this looks cool:
so I bought a vac pump/gauge and popped out my MAP sensor, but mine looks like this: Well, maybe my pic will show up after I post.

I reckon the proboscis sticking up is the thermometer, and the vac sensor is the small round area I see down inside. So, how could I test the vac sensor? Use large tubing around the whole thing then reduce with pipe fittings to get down to my vac pump size? Would the numerical results be the same as the one tested on Youtube?

Mine is stamped Bosch 0 261 230 013. RockAuto does not list this part; and the parts they list for my Sub look different from what I have. Mr. Google shows that my Bosch number is for a 2000 Hyundai Accent. That's fine with me. I've owned the car since 85k and never changed this sensor. Looks like the Hyundai worked fine (for a long time).

So, 1) how to vacuum test my unit and 2) is this part really correct for my Sub; if not, what is. Thanks!

PS auto trans
PPS Using ScanGaugeII this morning,
19 11 7.1 74
25 15 9.1 74
21 13 8.0 71
28 17 10.2 70
39 36 13.5 72
1 0 3.8 idling
I was trying different levels of engine load to cause the stumbling problem I've been working on. Numbers look okay? MAP looks like psi values. I think I can set the ScanGauge to read in kPa if that's what folk are used to talking about. Okay, 'nuff said.


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