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2000 OBW Short Throw Shifter (STS) and Shifter Bushings

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Hi All,

I've done some searching on what parts to buy to upgrade my old shfiter parts.

I see on that the 2002 Impreza shares the same p/n with the 2000 Outback for shifter bushing:

PROTHANE 16-1601 -Shifter Bushings

I know there is a WIDE and NARROW STS for the Impreza, and I'm not sure which one the OB is without measuring the pin in the OB then finding out how wide each are for the Impreza.

Has anyone successfully installed a Kartboy, Cobb, etc STS in their OB wagon? Thank you.



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Thank you, eagleeye. Great looking Baja you got there!

He wishes it was his...
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