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'05 2.5i H4 4-Speed Auto w/Sportshift
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There was a recall several years ago on the 2005 Subaru headlamps, I think it was the low beams.

Anyway, I asked if they would just give me the bulbs, I would replace them, then I would give them the OEM bulbs back.

Oh, no, no, no, we couldn't possibly do THAT, after all, if YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG, WE'RE LIABLE FOR IT! We must do the work, or don't have it done at all!

Fine, I set up an appointment, go in, wait 20 minutes, finished. I go home, I open the hood, I look, the left headlamp back round screw-on sealed cap says TOP on it and TOP is on the bottom! OK, not really something to cry over, I remove the rear cap, see the new bulb, OK, put the cap back on.

I go to the one with the battery in the way, I manage to get the cap off (Top was UP this time!), I look at the headlamp bulb and I could not believe what I saw!

The tiny wire lever that LOCKS into place on a V-shaped piece of metal was NOT LOCKED IN PLACE AT ALL, but was, instead, installed so the metal wire holding in the bulb was on the TOP of the point of the V, READY TO POP in ONE of two directions, ready to pop on so the bulb is secured, or ready to pop OFF so the bulb is flopping around on every bump!

I called the dealer and lit into them about not letting me do the work on my own vehicle because of the liability, then I told them about how their guy screwed up big time on BOTH SIDES OF THE CAR! I mean, I think I learned the WORD 'TOP' at least by FIRST GRADE!

~hey, maybe they were hoping that I would come in within a few months with a completely-fried headlamp assembly!~ Why not, it would have ALL BEEN ON WARRANTY!:confused:
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