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2000 Outback Limited alarm problem

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This is my first post so please bear with me if I miss anything.

I have a 2000 Outback limited with an AT. I bought the car at about 128,000 miles and It has about 174,000 miles on it now. I have owned the car for about 2 years and about one year ago my car alarm started malfunctioning the issue I have is as followed.

I can arm and lock the car using the "clicker" or the lock button the system seems to function properly in all regards except once it is armed after about 10 seconds it beeps once (like a warning beep) then another 10 seconds or so and another warning beep then 10 more seconds and the alarm fully goes off horn lights and the whole gambit. I can reset it and every thing but it does the same thing all over so I lock the car manually to "bypass" the alarm altogether.

My Question is does anyone know

1. What might be causing this error
2. What sensor is causing this error
3. Where said sensor would be located for replacement or testing

Thank you ahead of time