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Long story short, my Subaru started bucking at a stop sign and rpms went crazy. Only lasted for a couple minutes and then it was fine. Didn't happen again. Its an automatic, so it wasn't me not shifting correctly. It was a hot day (101 degrees) and I had A/C blowing full blast all day. I read that could be the issue.

I wanted to make sure nothing in the engine was messed up before I drive it again. The nearest Subaru dealer is a 45 minute drive and I can't have my Subaru die on the way there... In fact I probably can't even afford to have someone inspect my vehicle.

I did find something odd.

The hose in the pictures is the one I found very odd. The end of the hose is not connected to anything has a fastener like it should be connected to something. Its also not stiff and is made of out rubber tubing, which also makes me think its not supposed to hang loosely like that.

So, is that supposed to be like that? What is it supposed to do.



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looks like a breather hose, probably needs to be on a nipple under the intake tubing somewhere. i GUESS the car's ECU had to make some 'adjustment' when it fell off?

or, it could be unrelated to the problem you experienced.

is the CEL on? get the codes read and post them.
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