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[2001] Crossgolf's build thread

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Year: 2001
Engine: H6 209 PS
Transmission: AT
about 135.000 miles

Here are some pictures:
Photo Album - Imgur

This is what I did so far and what I plan to do:

Oil Change [done 1x]
AT Oil Change [done 1x]
Radio upgrade [50% done] Link: imgur: the simple image sharer
Subwoofer [done] Link: Pioneer TS-WX50A Reserverad Aktiv Subwoofer - Imgur
Taillight Light pattern change to USDM [done]
Second rear fog light [bought parts already]
Polishing headlights [no parts yet]
HID-Kit upgrade/retrofit [no parts yet]
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I updated the Radio today for tzhe second time. It is a Kenwood DPX 503 U which matches the interiour pretty good and looks OEMish.
Photo Album - Imgur
I still have to hook up the radio antenna b/c the original cabel is to short. And I also have to hook up the remote cabel of the subwoofer and the display dimmer from the lightswitch.
My cruise control and horn stopped working. But I was able to fix it last weekend.

Here is more info on the problem and how I solved it:

I also vacuumed the interior and maintained the rubber door seals.

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Normally there is only one 21watt rear fog light in the center section.
I added three 5 watt bulbs and one 21/5watt bulb in the center section. And connected all four 5watt filaments to to tail light. So now the the centerpiece lights up with the standart tail lights. Brake lights are still only in the outer tails.
Well, I like that the US version has the side markers but I would not trade them for my nice clear ones.
I would love to update my first post to keep it up to date but it seems that that is not possible... So here is the beginning of the next upgrade:

Bi-Xenon headlights:
Bi-Xenon upgrade - Imgur
Yes, they are mini D2S. The size is really good. I don't have to mess with the housing cap at all :)

I tryed some E46 (three inch) but they are too big and I was going to get some E55 from a friend but they are the almost the same size as the E46. Then I tried to combine the Mini D2S and E46 put the output was not as good as the Mini D2S (Even though I know that the Mini D2S is far away from perfect)

I will keep this updated but this project is going to take several weeks.
I have E-46, S-Max and Iris shrouds and the ones that came with with the minis. But I am not sure yet.
dimmed high beams as daytime running lights are going to be next after I finish the headlights.
I replaced the front rotors and pads at 225.000km. I used ATE parts and it cost 110€.
Replaced the ripped belt. It was easier than I thought. I also replaced some of the screws in the front end for stainless steal screws.
I added three extra trunk lights and upgraded all the interiour lights to LED. Except the reading lights in the front. They would have been too bright.

dropcanvas - instant drag and drop sharing - canvas view

The three trunk lights I uses are of a Volkswagen Golf MKIII. But everything else will fit. Hooked them all up to the normal trunk light.

The LEDs I used are all "warm white" in color.

The headlights are almost finished !!! Thank god this project is coming to an end.

Here are some pics:

dropcanvas - instant drag and drop sharing - canvas view

They are not in order but I hope you enjoy them anyways. This was the biggest project so far for this car. I worked half a year on these. With lots of week long brakes inbetween of course.

The projectors are Mini D2S and I used the S-Max shrouds.
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I used Morimoto ballasts from TRS. An old version that I bought in 2011. The old versions are too big to go inside.

I tried to fit smaller Chinese ballasts in there like you did but I was worried that they could interfere with the electric height control. So I used the stock mounts underneath the headlights. This is one reason why I used the EU/JDM back housings.

With the ballasts mounted there I can still take out the headlight without taking anything else off the car.

The relay is for a later project. It cuts off the high beam shutter from the halogen high beam whenever the low beam is off. I did this because I would like to add DRL to the high beam bulb with a PWM.

The wiring outside of the headlight is totally stock. All the plugs are stock as well so it only takes minutes to take the headlights out. I am not too worried about the stock harness because this car had HID low beams in Japan and I assume the wiring is the same.

First I thought that the black lens holder looks cheap but when I saw it in the headlight with the black bezel surrounding it I thought it matches quite well.

Regarding the trunk lights:
Sorry I don't have a part number. I took three identical lights from three Volkswagen Golf MKIII that I found at the salvage yard. . BMW uses similar lights that are just a little bit longer. Actually almost everything works. There is quite a bit space behind the carpet in all three spots.

I tapped the wiring into the original trunk light in the headliner. I didn't really look for another power source but all the fairing came off really easy. This project took less than two hours over all.
The trunk light has two wires and one ground. So it is best to get the power directly at the bulb because than all the other lights switch at the same time.
[Door/On/Off]-Settings work on all lights simutaneously. Unfortunetly I did not take any pictures of it but it is really easy to set it up.
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I just realized that the older pictures are not visible anymore.

Trunk lights:
Trunk and interiour lights in the Outback - Imgur

Bi-Xenon Upgrade
Bi-Xenon upgrade - Imgur

Radio upgrade:
2000 Subaru Outback Audio upgrades - Imgur
They are 48x40mm and I used two of them in the front light and one in the original trunk light.
Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is 2pcs 48 SMD Warm White Light Panel T10 BA9S Festoon Dome 48 LED Interior Bulb 12V
I didn't do the map lights in the very front because it would haven been way too bright.
Yes, that wasn't a problem. The lights still work great and light up the car and trunk really really nice. A must have on any new vehicle for me now.
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