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[2001] Crossgolf's build thread

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Year: 2001
Engine: H6 209 PS
Transmission: AT
about 135.000 miles

Here are some pictures:
Photo Album - Imgur

This is what I did so far and what I plan to do:

Oil Change [done 1x]
AT Oil Change [done 1x]
Radio upgrade [50% done] Link: imgur: the simple image sharer
Subwoofer [done] Link: Pioneer TS-WX50A Reserverad Aktiv Subwoofer - Imgur
Taillight Light pattern change to USDM [done]
Second rear fog light [bought parts already]
Polishing headlights [no parts yet]
HID-Kit upgrade/retrofit [no parts yet]
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Looks like Mini D2S projectors? I thought you were going to use an E55? It does look like fitting the MD2S is a lot easier than the FX-R in the Outback lights.
What shrouds are you planning to use?
Would you mind sharing the part number or more details on the lights you used for the cargo area? I particularly like the one in the lift gate. Where did you tap into for your source? Did you have to go all of the way to the headliner or is there a place to tap in further down?

The headlights look good too. I kind of like the black lens holders on the Mini D2S. What ballast did you use? I was actually able to fit the ballast inside the housing instead of the box that you built underneath. I'm assuming the relay in the picture was your power relay to take the load off of the stock wiring.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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