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[2001] Crossgolf's build thread

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Year: 2001
Engine: H6 209 PS
Transmission: AT
about 135.000 miles

Here are some pictures:
Photo Album - Imgur

This is what I did so far and what I plan to do:

Oil Change [done 1x]
AT Oil Change [done 1x]
Radio upgrade [50% done] Link: imgur: the simple image sharer
Subwoofer [done] Link: Pioneer TS-WX50A Reserverad Aktiv Subwoofer - Imgur
Taillight Light pattern change to USDM [done]
Second rear fog light [bought parts already]
Polishing headlights [no parts yet]
HID-Kit upgrade/retrofit [no parts yet]
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I just realized that the older pictures are not visible anymore.

Trunk lights:
Trunk and interiour lights in the Outback - Imgur

Bi-Xenon Upgrade
Bi-Xenon upgrade - Imgur

Radio upgrade:
2000 Subaru Outback Audio upgrades - Imgur
So what size of LED panel did you get to fit in the stock housings? I looked at those things on eBay, but wasn't sure what I could get to fit in the car.

I used your trunk light idea on a project I'm working on. :thumbs-up:
They are 48x40mm and I used two of them in the front light and one in the original trunk light.
Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is 2pcs 48 SMD Warm White Light Panel T10 BA9S Festoon Dome 48 LED Interior Bulb 12V
I didn't do the map lights in the very front because it would haven been way too bright.
You were able to fit two in the front one? I just measured the back one and the size I found to work (on ebay) would be a 38x38mm. I haven't measured the front yet.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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