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2001 Engine vs 2003 Engine

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I have the opportunity to take my dad's engine out of his 01 Outback and swap it into my 03 Outback. Ill spare everyone the reasons why, that's a long story!!

I know my engine is stamped ej25. I also know that my 03 has a map sensor and my dad's 01 has a maf sensor. Other than that, everything else is the exact same.

Could I take his motor and put it right into mine if I use my existing intake or would I need to swap anything else out?
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The '03 will have EGR, the '01 won't (at least for non-CA cars). This compicates it a bit if you have to pass emission inspections because the '03 computer is looking for EGR input. No EGR and you'll get a CEL code (engine light). The '01 driver's side head (assuming US car) will not have the port drilled out and threaded to accept the EGR pipe that goes from there up to intake manifold (which is different on '03, beacuse of EGR). The head can be drilled and tapped to fit the EGR pipe (I've done it in this situation).
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If they are both auto tranny, there shold be no issue swapping in the 2001 engine. I swapped a 2003 2.5 L engine from an '03 Forester into a 2001 OB, both were automatics and no issues. The EGR thing is your choice; you can either have the head drilled to accept the EGR pipe or cut the pipe off and have a welder weld up the cut end (so it acts like a plug) or take the EGR pipe and find a plug that matches the thread on pipe (that goes to EGR). I think you could even leave the EGR port unplugged and just disconnect the connector (so EGR valve won't open). But this would give you an engine CEL (light) for EGR malfuction for sure. I can't remember what I did for the PCV hookup but I'm sure it wasn't that difficult. Depending on where you live, it could be a struggle to get the engine and trans separated. In the salted north east, the dowel pins tend to get stuck, making it a chore to get engine to separate from tranny (there are threads on this). Also, be very careful not to let the torque converter pull out of the tranny. If it does, you need to be very careful reinstalling it (search is your friend here too).
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