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2001 Engine vs 2003 Engine

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I have the opportunity to take my dad's engine out of his 01 Outback and swap it into my 03 Outback. Ill spare everyone the reasons why, that's a long story!!

I know my engine is stamped ej25. I also know that my 03 has a map sensor and my dad's 01 has a maf sensor. Other than that, everything else is the exact same.

Could I take his motor and put it right into mine if I use my existing intake or would I need to swap anything else out?
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The crankcase ventilation valves are different between the 2.
Don't remember at the moment - it was 3-4r years ago that I found that there was a difference (I have both an '01 and an '03, and bought 2 of the '01 versions before I found that there was a difference). Sorry!
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