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2001 Engine vs 2003 Engine

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I have the opportunity to take my dad's engine out of his 01 Outback and swap it into my 03 Outback. Ill spare everyone the reasons why, that's a long story!!

I know my engine is stamped ej25. I also know that my 03 has a map sensor and my dad's 01 has a maf sensor. Other than that, everything else is the exact same.

Could I take his motor and put it right into mine if I use my existing intake or would I need to swap anything else out?
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Are they both 4EAT cars? Are they both Federal or California Emissions cars?
What you are referring to as Crank is the PCV system. These can be swapped.

The "crank" concern is if you have the same crank and cam trigger systems on both engines. This is the go-no-go.
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