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Started having the dash act up last night on the way home - lots of draw, what with the lights, wipers, and heater on, and the stereo cranking. First the CD player started acting up, then I noticed the dash dimming in concert with the turn signals, then intermittent bouncing of gauge needles. Parked it for the night, and it started up OK, if a bit slow in cranking, this morning - thank heavens for a size 24 AGM battery! :)

Suspecting that maybe the alternator is on the fritz, when I got to the shop, I checked the voltage both at the battery and at the alternator to the engine block to see what I had - 11.85 volts at idle. Not good,

Finally just now was able to recheck at the battery. At idle, 12.25v. at 2500 rpm, 13.1v. Hmmm... maybe NOT the alternator after all, though those readings still seem low.

For this year car, what charging voltages should I be seeing? I would think that it should get up to around 14v at some revs above idle (I believe I saw something like 14.3v when I looked at things last fall).

There is also the possibility that one of the cables is not good - I just haven't had the time to replace them yet ( this is the crazy part of the racing supply season).

Thoughts on those voltages?
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