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I recently bought a 2001 Outback, I got it for way under blue book so I assumed the head gasket was going out but now am not so sure. I recently have started developing an oil leak that I can not determine exactly where it is coming from (my guess is either a fitting or the head gasket itself). The reason I noticed was the oil was leaking onto the exhaust manifold and making white smoke poofs that the longer the vehicle was on the thicker the smoke. The oil level is still full (another problem I had run into was the oil reservoir is 4.2L but with even less than 4L it still reads way over full on the dip stick, however I decided to just not trust the dipstick and put 4.2L in anyways). The only other thing I can see that does not seem good under the hood is the coolant. It is a brown color, but I don't know whether that is necessarily related or not.

I am nervous about driving it very far, but my nearest Subaru dealer is about 100 miles or so. Any advice as to what I should do? Is there any other garages that would know anything about Subaru like Big O' Tires, O' Reillys, Firestone, etc? I dont really want to tow it 100+ miles.
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