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Ok thank you! I was afraid of that, I guess ill just have to stick to the boring one haha
I have both the cars in question.

there is not dual zone climate control (his / hers ) settings in 2001-2004 H6 cars. just one zone automatic with the screen. (all the H6 including the 2003-2004 cloth seat US spec ones). H6 has different A/C bits under the hood too.

I was just searching for a DIY swap thread on google here detailing 2000-2004 year cars and did not find any swap threads.

such a swap is probably easier in a 2005-2009 that had automatic dual zone climate control, and plain old climate were in the same H4 n/a series. (just like swapping any other stuff from a limited H4 to a base model H4 )

as a quick fix, maybe you get a fancier car then what you got.
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