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OK thanks I did a bit of poking around yesterday and it definitely looks like the rear upper control arms are shot.

One shop wants $600 to replace them, obviously a big no. The bushings are about $12 each from Subaru so the parts are there to be inexpensive.

Looking for recommendations on how to push this out and push new ones in. I guess if it’s a hassle I could always get OEM ones for $88 aside might be by best option. Of course now I have to figure out how to remove these bolts Penetrating oil is at work as we speak. Not sure if there is some easy cheap tool I can use to push them out, machine shop once $60 aside! The OEM ones for 88 each at or looking more attractive by the minute :)
Cut out the old bushings (drill and hacksaw) and install aftermarket poly, then you don't need a pres at all. Bushings might be $60 total for all (4). Or you could do the whiteline camber kit for the outer bushing.
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