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Has anyone done it? Is it easy? What's it likely to cost?Cheers
i haven't seen on any boards anyone trying this yet, will likely be a few more years before someone does. so i don't think anyone knows yet how similar or not they are.

most folks are going to want a simple swap - meaning plug and play, simply buy the transmission and that's it.

it would surely be possible if you swapped "everything" needed TCU, transmission, possibly even engine and ECU and full wiring harness, but doubtful you're looking for that level. if you can find someone to do it that would probably run close to $10,000 depending on how you source used or new parts and who is doing the work.

if you were interested here is how you would start:

1. find the FSM for the TCU's (usually available online or forums or ask for them and someone will share). Compare the TCU and transmission connectors and see if they're the same. If they are the same then that is a good sign though doesn't mean anything by itself either way though. I've seen connectors be the same but the parts still aren't interchangeable and I've seen trans connectors be different but you can swap the connectors.

Then compare the pinouts to each TCU and see how close they are - you might get lucky. If the pinouts are identical and the plugs are the same then chances are really good.

it wouldn't surprise me if it worked and wouldn't surprise me if it didn't.

i put a FWD Auto trans in one of my current daily drivers that was originally AWD....plug and play, nothing needed.
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