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An extremely complex swap of this nature is NEVER a good idea.

If you want a faster or more fuel efficient car, then buy one.

The engineers at Fuji have spent thousands of hours calibrating these transmissions. While I think the 4 speed tranny SUCKS [the guts are an industry standard transmission designed by Nissan for Ford that has been used in everything from the Mercury Sable to the Nissan Pathfinder]. I think you are going to gain nothing but gray hair by trying to perform this modification.

The 4 speed in my '01 Outback hunts back and forth from 3rd to 4th gear on the rolling hills in western Tennessee, the torque converter locking and unlocking constantly, it is annoying. And if you floor it, it drops one gear, then another....and then finally drops into the gear you want and the 220 hp H6 shoots the car forward. But by now, that hole in traffic you wanted to exploit has closed up and you wind up frustrated and cut off!

Oh well, you don't buy an Outback if you want nimble quickness, now do you?

Transmission reference:
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