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I have a 2003 Legacy wagon 2.5 4 cylinder with 182,000 miles on it. The check engine light went on a few months back and I was told by a dealer that it was the Oxygen sensor. I let it go for a few months but just recently put the ODB code reader on it myself and got a P0030 code, front oxygen sensor.

The car is very lacking in power. I ordered the Denso OEM sensor and will be replacing it next week.

My question is have others had this issue and did replacing the sensor resolve the power issue? I've heard that running with a bad O2 sensor can sometimes clog the cat. I'm hoping that I have not clogged the cat over the past couple of months by driving with the bad sensor. Also has anyone had any experience with the fuel additives that are supposed to clean the cat?

Any advice/info is appreciated.

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