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2003 Outback For Sale - Greater Detroit Area

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- wheels
- headlights
- muffler
- main belt pulley
- clutch
- flywheel

- rubber mats
- original rims


The current transmission is having issues and will need to be replaced, hence the low price. I'm expecting this car to get bought up by someone who knows their way around a wrench that is willing/able to make this kind of fix. I replaced the transmission on this vehicle not too long after purchase; transmissions themselves go for $600-800 and the swap takes 4-8 hrs. It's a simple fix, really, about 12 bolts and 6 wires.


Car has a couple spots of rust (see photos), but is otherwise rust free. This includes the underside, which I took a good look at when I replaced the transmission a while back.

Feel free to PM me if you are interested

I have photos and whatnot on a Craigslist post, I'm apparently not cool enough yet on this forum to post links and images. :/
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