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Hello everyone. New to this forum, glad I found it. Here's my issue. I discovered what appeared to be a leaking banjo fitting on the transmission. Appeared to be spraying on the cat convertor and smoking. Took it to a shop and was told the fitting end was bad and line need replacement. I was told the line was hard to change. 200 plus dollars later I have a worse leak. What I would like to know is: I can see 2 rubber hoses that run from the transmission line ends to the line on the engine compartment wall that runs to the cooler. It looks to me like he replaced the tubing on one of the lines and put a clamp on it but it seems to be leaking from the line. Is this the factory design? Are there rubber hoses in the transmission cooler line or is this supposed to be a solid steel tube? I wish I had done this myself. I feel like I am being taken advantaged of. Does anyone have experience with this? I think I read a post that had the same issue and he was told to trim the line back and put a longer hose on.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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