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Will trade for outback/legacy + cash seeing as thats what im looking to buy.

After much consideration and my already low budget, while planning my trip...or well living on the road. I'vecome to realize that I sadly can not do so comfortably in this rig. I need something with better mpg. Its tough to give something up that I feel so strong for...yes, I love this truck. But Sometimes you need to sacrifice things to do other things in life. This new life being one. I would entertain offer for trades + cash since It cant help go towards my budget. Will need something reliable...good on gas...with room in it. 4wd/awd is a huge huge plus and probably a must actually. Anyways, 2004 tundra sr5. 103k. 4x4. Limited slip rear. 3.91 gears. Has the awesome blowjob seat up front (bench). Has the 2uzfe. 4.7l v8. I get 15mpg city and 19/20hwy. If I drive at 60 its 20mpg. 65-70 bounces around 18.5-19mpg. Has new 33" Goodyear duratracs. 1.25" spacers all 4 corners. Also a 3" lift. Windows are tinted 20% with 35% down the windshield. Just picked the camper top up for it. There is a dent in the rear quarter. But! Is just enough of a dent to be cut into a high clearance rear bumper setup if you wish to do so. Frame is good. Truck is super clean minus that. Runs perfect. Has seen 400+ mile trips the last few weekends. $12000 or 12500 with the dent fixed on the rear quarter(only flaw in the truck). Posted receipts for almost everything that's been done/bought for the truck that I didn't buy from someone. Proof of frame coating. I will also be posting photos of interior when I can grab some good photos for everyone and the engine bay. If interested best way to get ahold of me is by phone which my number is 312-593-5064 text or call

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