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2005 3.0L H6 automatic - fault code p0768

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Hi there. MY outback has fault code P0768 which means there is a fault with the drive solenoid (Solenoid shift D) this means when driving it doesn't change into the best gear needed and causes problems. I want to inspect it and see what is causing the problem I.e. if it's a connection issue.

Does anyone have a blueprint or labelled picture of what's underneath the gearbox sump when removed and where I can find the solenoid I'm looking for?

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I see you are in great britian. (so that is like a 2006 US/Candian).

does yours have VDC?

you might find service manuals here (in those below some of those H6 cars have VDC, and some don't in 2005-2006, so the electronics trans maybe different between the 2)

Subaru Factory Service Manuals (FSM) - Every Model - USDM/EU
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