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My wife's 2005 Outback Wagon with the 2.5 engine - not turbo or anything fancy - has developed a knock. She told me about it today. Sure enough, she had let the oil dwindle to just about nothing.

She called me to tell me it was making a bad noise and that the oil light had blinked on, then off. I had her stop the car.

I put almost 4 quarts in to bring it up to full and started it. I immediately heard a clatter or a knock in the engine. I'm assuming a bearing noise on the low end. I drove the car a bit lightly and the engine was still smooth. When I pushed it to 50mph there was no knocking. When I took my foot off the gas pedal there was a light knock for a few seconds.

I'm sure there is engine damage but how much? The engine has 115,000 miles and has been a great car all around. If I'm lucky and it just needs low-end bearings what approximate cost (in Vermont) am I looking at? Or what does anyone suggest? Help! Thanks.
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