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5 Star Crash test result

Subaru Liberty (Legacy to the rest of the world) has become the first car EVER to score 5 Stars in the Australia's New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). The Liberty scored the top mark in the latest ANCAP tests which included an offset frontal crash at 64kph and a side impact at 50kph.

It also achieved the score with or without curtain airbags designed to reduce head injuries in side impacts

Full story here,4057,9061315%5E1702,00.html :D

Forgot to mention they also tested the AUS 04 Outback (USDM MY05) and the full result can be seen here : Docs/outbackc04.pdf and Docs/outback04.pdf this is great news as the models with only dual front airbags actually scored 5 Stars as well. :D

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This is excellent! Jeez, both previous generations of the OB and Legacy had class leading safety ratings and its great to see that Subaru is not lowering the standard one bit with the new Legacy line. If anything they are setting the industry standard for their respective classes. So someone tell me again why anyone would want to buy an Accord :D
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