The seats in my LL Bean have seen better days, and I found an 05XT at the local junkyard and pulled those seats out, so now I'm offering the tan LL Beans seats to anyone who wants them (and can pick them up locally).

The front seats will only work in another 05, as the wiring harness changed after that year.
The rear will work in any 3rd gen.

The rear is mostly OK, save for a stain, haven't really bothered to try and get it out because the back seat is mostly covered by dog bed.
The fronts--, well, 227K on them! The drivers seat was a complete disaster, so I replaced the bottom cushion from another 2005 LL Bean I found in the junkyard, but the seat cushion is from the passenger side, so doesn't fit perfectly, but good enough for me. The "new" drivers seats is better than before, but still has some scruffs/small tears. The passenger side is about the same.

Both are power, both are heated and work just fine.

I'll post pics later, just wanted to write this now as I have the time :)
I plan on taking them out this weekend, so should be ready to go by Sunday, Dec. 11th.