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2005 OBXT 5MT - going in for 105K service tomorrow

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It's at ~104.5K, but the timing is right to drop it off at the shop.

Also planning to get the rear sway bar end-links replaced at the same time. And figure out why the windshield washer isn't working.

Anything else I should consider while they have it?

Planning to have the windshield replaced and lots of tinting done later in the week, and then hopefully not spend a lot more money and just drive this thing.
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Timing belt, all the idlers, the tensioner. Water pump is optional, ask for pricing. Coolant change if you missed it at 90k.

I just did this this past weekend :)
I would ask if they would let you supply a gates timing belt kit.

The water pump is probably not necissary. Up to you if you want to do it for piece of mind.

I would skip the oil pump and all seals unless they see signs of leakage/seepage. You can end up have a bad install just as easily, and you won't know about it for a long time.

That should save you some coin with minimal risk.

I assume the 180 includes all seals, that's the crank and the four cams.

The general consensus here is that the Subaru water pump will likely last to near 200k. Some replace it because it's a little hopeful for it to make it all the way to 200k. Others don't, realizing that they probably won't have the car until past 200k, or take the very good chance that it will last to the next timing belt change.

Change a part isn't without risks. A new water pump can fail early too (but outside warranty), or the install can go poorly. So weighing all those risks + cost makes it, in my mind, pretty close to an even trade to either do it or not.

Does it smell sweet? The water pump is right above the exhaust. They probably got some coolant on the exhaust.

BUT, keep an eye on your coolant level. When I changed my water pump I had a small tear in one of the hoses down by the water pump which did 'drip drip drip' on the exhaust. Never saw the puddle, but notice a sweet smell, a tiny amount of steam, and a slowly lowering coolant level. Mine was in the heater bypass hose, but there are three small hoses down there.

Yes, they could have simply pored the old coolant back in. I did that after draining the system to replace the hose. They would have added coolant to the list of itemized parts if they used new, as they tend to like to nickle and dime.

Should I be concerned that the coolant is "old"?

I remember my grandpa having a 70's Ranchero. Apparently he left the coolant in it too long (10yrs) and it turned acidic and ate gaskets to the point it dumped antifreeze into the motor.
The coolant should have been changed at 90k, and should be changed again at 120k. If you are unsure about what happened during the time belt change, I would make sure it gets changed at 120k, and remember the Subaru 'special sauce.'

Yes, that's exactly the issue. That and water pump failure because there is no lube left in the antifreeze.

I don't think you want your son driving that fast :)
I need to go through the previous owners service records again. I found where the dealer recommended changing the coolant, but I don't see where it was ever done.

Lets say it wasn't done -- how big a deal is it to wait for the 120K? I definitely plan to have it done at 120K. I'm just not especially excited about doing it 105K and AGAIN at 120K, and I would really like to be in sync with the maintenance schedule.
Call the shop that did your 105k service and see if they put in fresh antfreeze. I don't think you're sure on that point yet.

If the fluid has been in there since 60k, you should get it changed. Can't really tell you what waiting another 15k will do.
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