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2005 OBXT 5MT - going in for 105K service tomorrow

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It's at ~104.5K, but the timing is right to drop it off at the shop.

Also planning to get the rear sway bar end-links replaced at the same time. And figure out why the windshield washer isn't working.

Anything else I should consider while they have it?

Planning to have the windshield replaced and lots of tinting done later in the week, and then hopefully not spend a lot more money and just drive this thing.
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agreed -i'd prefer the tensioner to be replaced at a minimum, the new style does fail. i would replace all the pulleys and water pump.

those prices are tough but i guess that's what it goes for. you can get a complete timing kit on ebay for like $200 - belt, tensioner, pulleys, etc....but you're not obviously going that route.

even if you want OEM Subaru parts the online places are about %20 cheaper, my local dealer will match those online prices. you'd save $100 - $200 via online pricing like,, liberty subaru, and other online Subaru OEM retailers. print them out a price list online and ask them if they'll match it or come close...?

$180 labor for the cam seals....that seems odd, the cam seals are right in front of your face once the timing belt is off. There is one extra bolt to remove to get at each cam seal. $180 to remove two bolts sounds a bit much.
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In that case you can easily ignore the water pump. Old school Subaru's it's wise to replace them but the EJ pumps are very robust and rarely see issues due to their short and stout nature. Still a good choice to replace and I generally do, but if you're only going to put 15,000 miles...or 30,0000 miles on the car don't bother. Basically do whatever you want it's not a big deal nor will it ever be relevant during your ownership.
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