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2005 OBXT 5MT - going in for 105K service tomorrow

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It's at ~104.5K, but the timing is right to drop it off at the shop.

Also planning to get the rear sway bar end-links replaced at the same time. And figure out why the windshield washer isn't working.

Anything else I should consider while they have it?

Planning to have the windshield replaced and lots of tinting done later in the week, and then hopefully not spend a lot more money and just drive this thing.
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I've noticed a "hot" / burnt smell a couple times since I got it back.

Right now I'm assuming something dropped onto the exhaust during the maintenance and will burn-off before too long.
A greasy fingerprint on the right spot can be good for a 3 day smell. Not unusual after a job like this. You are probably right.
So are you happy with your 2005 OBXT 5MT? I'm considering buying one for my son to borrow to get to school (a commute). Any words of wisdom or warnings???
XTs are fast and fuel-thirsty compared to any other version of the car. They also don't really tolerate deferred maintenance. Normally that would be a recipe for disaster when combined with a student lifestyle & budget, but I don't know you or your son. Just keep it in mind.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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