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2005 OBXT 5MT - going in for 105K service tomorrow

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It's at ~104.5K, but the timing is right to drop it off at the shop.

Also planning to get the rear sway bar end-links replaced at the same time. And figure out why the windshield washer isn't working.

Anything else I should consider while they have it?

Planning to have the windshield replaced and lots of tinting done later in the week, and then hopefully not spend a lot more money and just drive this thing.
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In my book, ya did good. First OB we bought for the wife had been passed through a family & the current owners had NO history available. Did the timing belt for insurance & found that the WP was seeping due to having failed the bearing (spit several ball bearings which roughed up the crank sprocket). Without history, or considerable skill with a Ouija board, I recommend the overkill approach!
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