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I'm repairing a 2005 Outback that was wrecked and would like to know if anybody knows this suspension well enough to tell Me if I should be worried that the adjustments on the rear suspension cradle I got from the junk yard are about 90 degrees off of where they were on cradle that is being replaced. I'm wondering if the part I got came off a legacy or legacy GT. I know some people like to swap out these parts with the outback, but don't know how to tell the difference. The bolt I'm talking about is the one that is below the axel and is used to adjust alignment. Is a 90 degree difference the normal difference between cars of the same model or would that mean that they come from a different model
I'd also like to know if anyone knows what the 3/4 inch cube that connects to the wiring harness right next to the ignitions switch. It has a button on it and get hot, but I have no idea what it is.
Thank You
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