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Am replacing the driveshaft of my 2006 Outback H4 2.5L 4AT (rear U-joint is bad). Purchased a used driveshaft from a local salvage yard that came from a 2006 Legacy H4 2.5L 4AT. (When I searched for used parts, I was led to believe that a 2005-2009 Legacy driveshaft was compatible for a 2005-2009 Outback. I now realize that may not be true.)

Anyway, removing the old driveshaft was simple even though I chose not to remove the exhaust.

BUT. Getting the replacement driveshaft back in has been a trial, for several reasons. #1) With the exhaust in, I have very little room to maneuver the shaft. #2) The arms that support the carrier bearing keep jamming into the bottom of the car. #3) The flange on the shaft's rear U-joint hangs up on the flange of the differential.

I finally got past those obstacles, only to meet #4) The front end of the shaft won't slide into the transmission. It goes in about 1/2" and stops. I've wiggled and rotated it, but it won't go any further.

I've looked through the forum for insight, but find only descriptions of the shaft sliding into the transmission without difficulty. While doing that, I found people stating that 2005-2009 Outback can't take a driveshaft from a Legacy because the Outback has a taller carrier bearing support. So I did a more careful search for new parts and found that the driveshaft for the Outback has different part #s than for the Legacy.

So, two questions.
1) Must I return the Legacy driveshaft and find an Outback driveshaft to put in? (Anyone installed a Legacy driveshaft in an Outback and found it worked fine?)

2) Is the Legacy driveshaft the reason it won't slide into the transmission? I think not, but perhaps I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance.
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