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2010 Outback 2.5i, auto
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Hi folks, we have a 2006 OB 2.5i manual.
It has 130,000 kilometres (80k+ miles). I am considering selling it, but am curious what maintenance I should expect in the next 10-20,000km.
We just replaced AWD and power steering fluids, re-booted both cv joints, new rear brakes and rotors, front brake maintenance.

I 'suspect' I will have to do the following at some point, but dont know when:
- exhaust system
- water pump?
- radiator
- timing belt
- alternator

And finally, if anyone out there is interested in this car, I would sell for 8,000 (US or CDN). It has been prestinely maintainted, and kept in garage.



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Short answer is you shouldn't expect any maintenance. Normal maintenance and brakes, that's about it.

The exhaust is only dependent on rust. In non-rust areas the original Subaru OEM equipment lasts forever, it is very robust otherwise. I just ordered a 2001 exhaust for my OBW due to rust - I had it shipped from a non-rust prone area of the country and it's like-new.

Timing belt is due at 105,000 miles but you're not keeping it so non issue. It shouldn't be replaced really - that way the next owner can decide if they want to do it themselves, do just the belt, do a belt and tensioner, do a complet timing kit, do a kit and pump or just belt and pump, or belt, pump, tensioner...etc. Point being, not on your plate.

Alternator, water pump, radiator are non-issues. They easily last the life of the car...particularly the short duration you're keeping it.

I'll replace an alternator around 150k - 200k as preventative maintenance on my daily drivers, but I plan on 300,000 miles, that's 3 vehicles to your one. Definitely no need to worry about an alternator. They can wear but you usually have some symptoms -classic signs are lights on the dash. You're likely far from taht though.

Water pumps should be replaced around 150k or with the timing belt if you have to pay someone else to do the work. EJ water pumps are robust though and have few issues. But again - well past your planned usage.

There's no point in planning long term maintenance for a car you're not going to own long term. A buyer getting a car at 100,000 miles - it is up to them how they prefer to proceed for maintenance on a used car. It's not your job to plan for them.

Radiators I don't replace until there are symptoms, very rare.

If you want to sell it you should post it in the classified section.

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If you are going to trade it or sell it, be upfront with the new owner as to what you've done and what is coming up due. Its just the right thing to do.

If you decide to keep it, flush the coolant, change the thermostat, timing belt and pulleys with spark plugs at the same time, roughly 150k Km.

With every car, the following:

Every 2 years or 50k Km: Flush brake fluid, PS fluid, clean the throttle body, check the alignment.

Every year: add a 12 oz bottle of Sea Foam to the tank and if you feel randy about it, run another can through a vacuum port to clean the intake and upper combustion of carbon.

Other than that, follow the schedule for the year model you have on diffs, trans, filters, oil, etc..
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