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2006 OBW Limited with Automatic Climate Controls (Dual HVAC)
This will be a simple walk-through to install a single DIN stereo in the glovebox.

By glovebox, I mean the lower compartment on the passenger side...not the cubby up top in the center between the vents.
I initially tried to wire an AUX directly to the board and killed the AM/FM, so now on to better things..

Looked at replacing the stock OEM with a newer model OEM, looked at pretty much every way to do this..
I'm also on a pretty tight budget (who isn't these days..except Wall Street) so the JDM conversion was a bit out of reach.

FIRST: A shout out to "Svx.dc" for the absolute most professional transaction in getting me the wiring harness adapters I needed.

PLEASE, do your homework first before reaching out to just about every question I came up with was answered in the vast amount of info on his site, or this one..or (search "DUAL HVAC")

If you do email him...BE PATIENT.
He WILL respond..he's a very busy guy and this is a side gig. I got my stuff in just 4 days, but it was a few weeks between emails in figuring out exactly what I did, and didn't need. His products are 100% top notch quality.
His site:

Read. Read a lot. Don't be lazy. He has created just about the most detailed website for a small business I've ever seen.

So far, I'm collecting everything I'll need. Will be updating this post in the coming weeks with pics during the install, and anything else that might help.
Suggestions are welcome!!

Only reason I'm doing this is, I've yet to come across anyone who has written up an install for the glovebox.
Though fairly simple, I do hope it helps someone in some way.

The List:

14 PIN Forward harness from
14 PIN Reverse with 5 wires from (we spoke ahead of time to make sure I only got what I needed)
IS335 Kit from is simply to relocate the AUX IN to somewhere closer to me and have it mounted.
Only using the extension from the kit and will most likely mount inside the center to the cig lighter.
($40 for all, shipped) could just buy an AUX extension cable for under $10 instead of the IS335 kit but I figured I'd use the other parts for something and he deserves the business.

(If you're doing away with (not using but leaving installed) the OEM unit, like me, you'll need 5 wires on the Reverse coming from the rear of the OEM unit.
Power/Ground/-Illum/+Illum/Amp Power ON

If, for some reason, you'd like to still use the OEM unit along with the new HU, you can ask him to make the Reverse a 7 wire, and you'll tie the two front signal outs from the OEM HU into a single 3.5mm (AUX) and run it to the AUX IN on your new HU.
Keep in mind, if your new HU only has 1 AUX IN, then it will be tied up with the old OEM HU and will not be available to play music.
You could, of course, get a new HU with 2x AUX's.

I've also purchased 10ft of different colored 18 guage automotive wire from eBay...this is for the extension to reach from the OEM unit to the new HU in the glovebox. It's only about 2ft..but I'll use the extra wire on other things, I'm sure.

Just purchased a Kenwood KDC-X701 stereo. I know, it's a bit pricey...but I wanted a nice EQ, expandability, and the option to control the stereo via an App that Kenwood puts out.
I'll now have Hands-free BT, plug a thumbdrive in for all my music and control it all with my an AUX available.

Also purchased a used set of Subaru OEM tweeters to install in the doors.
They look new, hopefully sound as such as well.
The reason for the tweeters is that I'm leaving the stock speakers in for now, but for a total of $20, added tweeters to see how it sounded.

In my humble opinion, maybe because I'm getting older, but the stock speakers sound pretty darn good with the OEM HU, so a new unit with more juice and a nice EQ shouldn't be a drawback..then add the tweeters. We'll see.

Speaker upgrades may happen depending on how the above sounds..but man, a lot involved there with mounting'll have to be worth it.
Also an amp and 10" sub at some point.

more to come..
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