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Here I have a couple left over parts from swapping the engine because of a spun rod bearing on my 2006 outback xt:
Intake manifold (no tgvs included just plastic manifold) $100
Wiring harness from jdm dual avcs should work for usdm just has extra connectors for the dual avcs cams (chipped connector) $75
Stock boost controller $25
Blue sidefeed fuel injectors(520cc)x4 $50
Throttle body $50
Camshaft pulleys single avcs $100
Coolant crossover $50
Timing belt components (50k) miles $50
Harmonic balancer $30
Motor mounts (bottom engine) $30
Dipstick tube $20
Bpv $50
Bpv tube $15
Oil line to turbo $10
Coolant lines to turbo $25
Turbo inlet $25
Power steering pump $50
Alternator $50
Ac compressor $50
B25c heads a piece (some scoring from metal going threw engine will include valve covers) 100$
Case halves (no damage on main bearing journals) $500
Twin scroll turbo setup (tdo4 hla) includes EL header turbo cooling lines oil line cut downpipe flange and mounting bracket (very little to none on shaft play) $500


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