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2007 OBW limited rear ended

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Hi Everyone, wanted to get some input on things to look out for while I settle this with the insurance co.

I was rear ended in the Subie by a prius. The damage appears to be mostly cosmetic, however after getting the car home I notice some minor damage beyond the scratches and dings to the bumper cover...

The bolts that attach the bumper bar to the frame appears have been moved about a millimeter or 2 from its original position. (I was hit mainly on my left side.)

Also I noticed when I lifted the rear hatch, on the left side column of the rear there appears to be some wrinkling in the sheet metal not apparent on the opposite side. (This is the crevasse between the interior and exterior lift gate door jamb).

I also feel the car doesn't seem to be driving the same (not sure how to explain it) post accident. (new rattles? psychological?)

I guestimate the speed of impact maybe around 25mph and below (I was braking to a stand still)

What things should I worry about? Frame damage? AWD / transmission issues due to the impact? Alignment?

Any input would be great towards the adjuster. I hate to see the car go, but at the same time I don't want to be stuck with repair bills for drivetrain issues further down the line.

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That sucks! I would maybe see about pulling the rear bumper cover off to check for damage while the adjuster is there. It only takes about 10 minutes, look for a how-to on the forums. Also an alignment check would be in order, that could reveal some issues if the car is out significantly. I'd probably jack the car up in back on the diff plate and then look for wrinkles in the steel ("frame" or floor pan), loose undercoating, etc. They can straighten a unit-body car, but it definitely isn't as easy as a body on frame vehicle. Yeah, the awd drivetrain taking a shock like that would make me worried too.

The reality is that at that kind of speed, it is unlikely that any huge permanent damage was done, but you never know. I had an accident about ten years ago. lady turned in front of me and we had a glancing head-on at about 35 mph which mostly destroyed the passenger side front end. Ended up with about 11k damage to my two year old 16k mazda PR5 (glad they estimated 8k or they would have totalled it). It was in the shop for a month and a half and had the entire front clip replaced, the "frame" straightened, new rad, lights, hood, front quarters, etc. It was ok for 8 more years. What eventually got that car was rust, not damage from the accident. I swear something wasn't quite right with it after the fixes, but it didn't manifest in unreliability or weird tire wear etc.
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